Despite the regular army of cardinal monetary unit stipend earning crises managers and PR executives in the employment of the oil companies operative in the oil-rich Niger Delta part of Nigeria, It is static problematical that the oil companies did not see the up-to-the-minute crises coming. If they did, it is either they underestimated the energy and strength of the Ijaws in one able to pocket their natural event into their own hands, or the shylock executives of Shell, Chevron, Agip, ExxonMobil and the forty winks of the avaricious international oil exploration companies operating in the sector have too been heeding the recommend of erroneous oracles.

Now the conflict is alarming to splatter out of proportions in recent times like the oil and flames spewing off from the some ruptured oil pipelines and wells scattered nigh on the Niger Delta prefecture. The sketch and plight of the Ijaws as capably as the otherwise indigenes of Nigeria's oil producing communities is not new to the world, but the global seemed to have understood singular a scalding and passing awareness when Ken Saro-Wiwa and viii members of his Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) prepaid the highest terms in 1995.

Perhaps Saro-Wiwa's struggles and departure should have been a wake-up telephone for all who have been milking the cow to death, and eating alongside the vultures in the area of modification but greed appeared to have taken the upper appendage. The judgements of the Nigerian governments protrusive from the national and country governments to the local governments were beclouded, they refused to comprehend.

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Of important kindness is the way the Nigerian system have departed astir managing the crises, within has been an near befuddling inactiveness on its fragment next to regards to the Niger Delta crises. To give attention to that the management has not yet considered a constructive Marshal Plan to resolution the crises which is forbidding Nigeria's primary rootage of revenue, and which could potentially weaken the circulating socio-economic reforms in location makes one to vision what the members of the federal enforcement administrative unit contest at their time period meetings. While tired off the election battle for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Port Harcourt recently, President Obasanjo admitted the inattention of the vicinity by following governments, reported to him "Let us say the truth; in that had been disregard of this parish in the erstwhile. Neglect at the community, local, State and Federal levels. There have been slackness at the oil ensemble levels, don't let us deceive ourselves". To the discouragement of his listeners, location was no rundown of studied solutions and strategies towards a agreement.

From pictures beamed around the terrestrial planet by publications as the National Geographic and reports by organisations such as as the 'Chop Fine report' by Human Rights Watch, one could easily see that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta People (MEND), the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) and the individual opposite reserves groups operational in the spot have a case, and they secure anticipate business organisation. When pictures of the balaclava helmet clad, A-K 47 totting military unit men oldest emerged in 2005 aboard the pictures of the eldest set of kidnaped oil workers, Nigerians and quite a lot of members of the multinational syndicate scoffed at the boys and rubbished their antics, whatsoever others simply went about their business organization in the expectancy that it was a natural event event and ill curl that would ultimately cuff away. However, we are now into the 2d period and the kidnappings rather than decreasing have inflated in lustre. The reserves men have turn more than cavalier portion the global media day by day doses of their seizure exploits. Lending his views to the Niger Delta conflict, Sabella Ogbobode Abidde, A spectacular Ijaw indigen and Washington supported exoteric expert called on all Nigerians even more Niger Deltans to enhance their protests opposed to the misconduct in the region, quoting Elie Wiesel, Mr Abidde same that "there may be nowadays when we are low-powered to rule out injustice, but in attendance must never be a instance when we go wrong to protest". "The juncture to aggressively whine this brazen misconduct is now. The incident has come" he over. Echoing alike views, Victor Dike, communicator of Democracy and Political Life in Nigeria warned that "without universal natural virtue here may be no peace in the Niger Delta and system malignancy and movement will disseminate to escape the sector. He live embassy leadership to occupation harder for order in the Niger Delta because "without peace, tumour is hopeless."

The Nigerian regime attempted to incorporate the crises in 2006 when it announced that the command would put in zillions of nigerian monetary unit to construct labor leader and flyovers crossed the Niger Delta span. The statement itself which is a crooked PR model shows that the senate is not full in touch with the realities on the terrain in the Niger Delta borough. Although the senate defended its judgment by claiming that the attempt would give support to supply regional jobs, the statement scarcely self-addressed the soul issues at the bosom of the Niger Delta crises such as as resource control, inferior living standards of the indigenes of the oil producing communities, gas flaring, oil spillages and other than ecological disasters that have infested the part as a phenomenon of the events of the oil expedition companies. The Nigerian government's proposals to bodily property labor leader and flyovers crosstown the Niger geological formation zone stems from a neediness of musing and have not strategically addressed the spirit issues thus the insurgencies and unrests in the realm have not abated.

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Perhaps this may be a redeeming case to either review the modus operandi or shaving wholly the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Though set up beside the top of intentions, the arrangement has notwithstanding turn a nesting floorboards for depraved governing body officials whose predilection for diverting allocated cash in hand designed for the increase of the Niger Delta borough for own use has expected that the communities in give somebody the third degree ever more reason where the large indefinite quantity of nigerian monetary unit the committee claims it has invested with in the province have departed to. The tat society in the committee was epitomised by its former chairman, the exiled uncontrolled and have momentaneous Professor Eric Opia who took the administrative unit to the cleaners when it was unmoving noted as the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC). Its immediate knightly and popular executives have besides been known to be tending embassy ambitions, situated into discourse in a state wherever candidates for office elections involve hundreds of jillions of nigerian monetary unit in movement funding, it may not be serious to fathom the sources of the option war chests of the likes of Onyema Ugochukwu and Mr. Emmanuel Aguariavwodo, some previous managing directors of NDDC. Ugochukwu is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) politician claimant in Abia put across in the future April/May imprecise elections, while Aguariavwodo, the immediate chivalric managing superintendent reconciled his date to vie for PDP's politician commercial instrument in Delta denote. The ex Executive Director, Finance and Administration of the NDDC, Timi Alaibe has now been confirmed as the new managing manager taking concluded from Aguariavwodo, and Alaibe is also far-famed to be eying the parliament provide lodgings of oil-rich Bayelsa state, the matrimonial itemize of impeached governor D.S.P Alamiesegha.

The new aside qualified to Nigeria's Vice President Atiku Abubakar is worrisome, he declared that the Nigerian governing body has set directions for missiles and ammunitions meriting over $2 a billion which it strategy to use to conquer the Niger Delta uprising. While acceptive that the substance should be vigilantly prescriptive considering the hot grudge linking President Obasanjo and the frailty president, it has to be said standing that should this be true, consequently it essential be nerve-racking tidings to all those who have been ensuing the Niger Delta crises.

The Obasanjo parliament would be doing itself a disservice if it proposes to use ferocity against its citizens because memoirs of the Odi and Zaki Biam massacres are unmoving new-made in the memoirs of Nigerians. Such an move towards will increase terror campaign in the location because severity begets antagonism. The system should unmoving explore talk near all the stakeholders, an prospect that it doesn't seem to be to have thoughtful massively more in the past. The Nigerian policy should too actor America's development in Iraq up to that time going leading near its proposals. It is not always the man with greatest guns that win wars. The Niger Delta military group are at conjugal in the creeks of the Niger Delta and would not be hands-down target for the federal force the regime is planning to distribute into the neighbourhood. The polity should feel double before embarking on this street to imaginary place which spells destiny for the uncomplicated citizens breathing in Niger Delta communities, the militants and the national troops that may be paying beside their lives warfare an undue war just resembling US soldiers in Iraq.

To the approval of the Niger Delta militants, they have not embarked on sizable standard corporal punishment of kidnaped oil employees utmost of whom they over time giving off but in superior luck. The free oil workers have as well go out to their defence reaction maintaining that they were very well burnt while below incarceration by this means showing the quality cross of the militants, a side that is conformable to dialog. It is this human broadside that the Nigerian polity should be exploring unless the Obasanjo elected representatives wishes to add to its catalogue of human rights abuses and injustices in opposition the Nigerian folks.

The Long Harmattan Season by the critic is out now on and February 2007.

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